Robert Harrison, Bay Area Hypnosis

"Thank you for participating in the Galveston County Tax Office Professional Development Day. Our participants said: Your program was “helpful”, it enabled them to "look at situations in a different way”, they "enjoyed learning how to manage stress” and that your presentation was “informative” and “relaxing”. Many attendees said they learned a lot about themselves, and that many now have a new ability to deal with difficult situations - something incredibly valuable in a County Tax Office. Your knowledge, confidence and unending sense of humor enabled all to benefit and again, thank you. I would not change a thing! "
-- Cheryl E. Johnson, Galveston County Tax Assessor

“Excellent! Clear, concise, organized - and extremely useful/pertinent to daily life. Everything was great - thank you!”
“Really liked how you were funny and had great slides.”
“Just great! A message we need to hear a LOT. So positive. I was impressed with the way you say 'hello’.”
“A great reminder that the past doesn’t predict the future.”
“Loved the analogy of how different people learn (visual/auditory/kinesthetic) and learning the mirroring technique. You have great things to say!" 
--Austin Women’s Chamber of Commerce Meeting

Averaged Ratings on a scale of 10: 
     Material interesting? 9.8
     Helpful in your business? 9.7
     Relevance to you personally? 9.8
     Delivery Style? 9.5
     Pace?  9.6
“Everything was interesting, most was NEW, application is wide and varied. I will use the sensory languages in interviews and when helping my team set goals.”
“Everything was spot-on and very clear. Applicable in business and life.”
“Loved the presentation - great style and good examples.”
“So fun!”
“I now know how to get out of my head and move forward toward my goals. This was spot-on for our business.”
 “I can be a better version of myself and in turn, change the lives of my team.”
“This really cleared my head. It was amazing.”
--Mary Kay Texas State Directors Meeting


Tim Shurr, Shurr Success, Inc.



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