Relationship Training

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist helping thousands of clients in the Houston area, Julie has discovered that relationship "training" actually works faster and more effectively to promote change and get results than traditional therapy. The biggest difference is coaching creates solution-oriented actions for the present and future you can use to make immediate changes in your situation. Therapy traditionally is about analyzing the problem and focusing heavily on “feelings” and on the past, where no changes can occur.

Julie's training programs utilize both right-brain and left-brain learning to repair the damage, remove the problem, and enable individuals and couples to focus on the future they want to create...rather than getting stuck in hurt feelings and the arguments that come from blaming, criticizing or distracting. Right-brain learning involves the unconscious mind (where all behavioral habits are controlled), emotions and imagination. Using logic and analysis to fix relationship problems doesn’t work nearly as well as going directly to where the difficulties are: in emotional patterns, perspectives and often, in the coping strategies peopleuse under pressure or stress that just don’t work very well.

All of Julie's Coaching Programs are RESULTS BASED. They can be “fast-track” or more “extended”, but they are all a more comprehensive way to fix the problems and get relationships back on track. These programs create much more access to Julie and utilize many tools than traditional therapy to learn and make changes quickly. There are several options to choose from, depending on how individuals learn best, how much time the can devote to learning, and the extent of the change clients want to create.


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