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Juggling child care, domestic responsabilities and jobs are tough on todays's fathers. Nearly one-third of all parents say they burn out often -- or all the time. Are today's dads weaker?

Millennial fathers report they are burning out from the pressure of work and home dutiesfar more often than ever before.

The Dynamics of couples' breakups may surprise You.

Boys to Men 1

Boys to Men 2

Buying Friends

Your Cheating Heart 1

Your Cheating Heart 2

Divorce Insurance 1

Divorce Insurance 2

Loughner Parents 1

Loughner Parents 2

Marriage Crisis

Marriage Crisis 2

Nikki Abandoning

Nikki Values

Your connection to people is the most important thing you do in life. And that’s not going to be done at a distance or electronically.

Tech stunted development

Cool Kids in School

Adjusting to New Things

Scientists examining data from more than 700-thousand women find that happiness does not lead to a longer life.

Being happy does not make you live longer.

People who were unhappy and unhealthy were eliminated, therefore statistically – happy and unhappy people had the same life span.

Cool Kids in School


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