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Motivational Speaker & Perception Illuminator

Make Your Next Meeting A Catalyst For Change

More and more companies and organizations are benefitting from the fresh approach and bold ideas Julie Nise brings to an event or meeting as motivational speaker.  With Julie in the lead, audiences are entertained, engaged and enlightened with topics designed to illuminate perceptions and facilitate change.

Julie is noted for how quickly she draws her audiences in, both with live demonstrations and participation activities.  Julie is a meeting planner's dream: easy to work with and flexible to the needs and goals for almost any group.  She educates at the same time that she entertains.  And hat means a more compelling speaking experience and greater audience retention.

Expertise & Humor

Stepping out of her successful psychotherapy and hypnosis practices and into the national spotlight with appearances on the Dr. Phil Show and a best-selling book, julie is the real deal.  She is a hands-on therapist with real-life proof of her successful techniques, and who speaks both the logical and protective language of men as well as the nurturing and emotional language of women.

No-Nonsense Approach

Julie's style is straightforward, direct and results-oriented.  Whether its teaching couples how to have a happier relationship, managers to inspire employees or organizations to work harmoniously toward a common goal, the participants at your event will enjoy not only what Nancy reveals, but also the interactive nature of her presentation.


Unanimously, clients praise Julie for her ability to tailor her talks to meet the needs of her audience and her presentations come alive with humor, entertainment, fascinating stories and proven techniques to facilitate change.  As a relationship coach and trainer, Julie has the strategies, secrets and suggestions to inform people and enable them to reach their full potential.

By illuminating individual perception, Julie Nise shines a light on what tomorrow can bring and guides her audiences to be real...be bold...and believe.



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