Dr. Phil Show

It turns out that being on national TV clarifies where you put your awareness!

I was honored to be asked to appear on the Dr. Phil Show after working with guests who came to his show seeking help. After their on-air meeting with Dr. Phil, some would be assigned to me for follow-up. Some of the break-throughs and successes these guests were able to accomplish were significant, and the show would sometimes invite them back out to California to tape another show to update Dr. Phil’s audience on how they were progressing. Six times over the 2 years I was associated with the show, I was also invited to the taping to ‘consult’ with Dr. Phil and talk about how they were doing.

I must say it got easier over time, but it always seemed to be a pretty big deal… being chauffeured around, the process of pre-show make-up, hair and wardrobe… the really bright lights and the really big cameras…. and all the ‘behind the scenes’ activity. I learned that with 6 or 8 million people watching, you just can’t spend too much effort worrying about little stuff, and no matter what you say, some people will think you’re positively brilliant, and others hearing the same thing will think you’re and idiot. So where I put my awareness was more of where it should be in the first place: on how I can help the people in front of me, not how I can impress somebody watching. In an odd way, I think it made me better able to help people - not because I got a little “famous” (people still do recognize me, which is very strange to me!) but because it somehow defined more clearly what was supposed to be happening - TV cameras and Hollywood glitz or not.


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